The EVUA establishes and manages Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to support developments in major network service areas. These are managed by an EVUA Board member and include normally 4-6 members with very active interests in the appropriate area. Support is provided by EVUA Services. If you are interested in joining one of the SIGs then use the contacts on the right. You must, however, become a member of EVUA to take advantage of SIG membership.

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IP & Convergence


Terms of Reference / Contacts


To aid the development and delivery of IP services using voice and video over IP, IP Telephony and SIP technologies. Also to look at network, device and application convergence on behalf of EVUA members.


All IP related services at the network, device or application level

All suppliers or users of IP services. These include: network providers (both fixed and mobile); manufacturers of IP hardware (fixed and mobile); and IP based application software manufacturers

Data, voice (fixed and mobile) multimedia and application support


To give the opportunity for EVUA members to see at first hand the converged services from global and regional suppliers

  • To assess EVUA customer benefits

 and, if required, to assist in producing business case modelling tools for implementation of converged services in their organisations.

To issue a 'Request for Information' (RFI) to relevant suppliers and produce a summary of the responses (both at the yearly convergence conference and in a formal document)

  • To facilitate the implementation of new services


Management - see Contacts


Members'  forum (quarterly)

Yearly conference

Convergence document containing output from the suppliers' RFIs and 'best practice' learnings from members who are already using converged services.



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