The EVUA establishes and manages Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to support developments in major network service areas. These are managed by an EVUA Board member and include normally 4-6 members with very active interests in the appropriate area. Support is provided by EVUA Services. If you are interested in joining one of the SIGs then use the contacts on the right. You must, however, become a member of EVUA to take advantage of SIG membership.


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Terms of Reference - Les Termes de Référence


To develop EVUA initiatives with French multinational companies especially for national issues. To prepare France focussed input to main EVUA conferences. To increase the number of French EVUA members.


All data, voice and mobile services
All EVUA activities


To exchange information between SIG and other EVUA members

To provide national input to European activities

To develop national-international interface services

Management - Contacts


Newsletter updates (quarterly)

Conferences support (quarterly)

  • Benchmarking input (adhoc)


EVUA SIG support (adhoc)

RFIs/RFPs (as necessary)

  • Workshops



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