The Board of EVUA is made up of active Telecoms and IT Managers and Directors, whose companies allow them to spend some time in giving something back to the industry. The board is supported by former (board) members contracted by the EVUA to manage EVUA activities such as surveys, workshops and conferences.


The Chairman and Board of EVUA...

The Board
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Meredith Rose | Dave Walker | Jon Neville | Jukka Nikander | Guy Wyckmans
Hank Rejlek | Marcello Damiani | Jean-Marc Reynaud

Supported by:
The Managing Consultant - Ed Vonk
The Services Directors - Phil Barton
and John Sale
The Board Secretary - Roy Bailey

Chairman, Meredith Rose, Accenture
Meredith Rose


















Mr Meredith Rose

Telecommunications Manager, Accenture

Meredith Rose is a senior manager at Accenture in the Network Services’ organization. Meredith is presently based in the UK and responsible for the Network Engineering and Deployment (EMEA). He has a BA degree in History and Political Science from Atlantic Christian/Barton College in North Carolina. He received his initial training in electronics and telecommunications while in the military, and has since been active in network infrastructure design/implementation and support. Meredith joined the Accenture organization in 1974 in Frankfurt, Germany and quickly moved into IT /Systems department as office administration activities became automated.

While in Germany Meredith was responsible for IT support and building the rapidly evolving network infrastructure for Accenture in Germany to support the business. He transferred to the more technical focused daughter organization, Coritel, in 1989 to manage the Regional Data center in Germany, which consisted of financial, and resource management applications running on local and remote mainframe computer systems. Meredith returned to the main Accenture organization in 1994 and was responsible for the Western European wide area network and voice telecommunication’s infrastructure. In 1998 Meredith transferred to the UK to manage the UK telecommunication’s network which eventually led him to his present EMEA role within the Accenture Network Services’ organization.

Meredith is very active in several telecommunications user group organizations. He is on the Orange CAC (Customer Advisory Council), participant of the Ericsson Enterprise SAB (Strategic Advisory Board), and Chairman of the EVUA (Enterprise Virtual Private User Association) where he is also leader of the Mobility SIG (Special Interest Group).

Meredith is married (to Julia) and has two children, Edward and Katie. He enjoys sailing, biking, tennis and travelling as well as supporting his son’s local football (soccer) team.

Deputy Chairman & Treasurer, Dave Walker, Unisys
Mr David Walker

European Telecommunications Manager
Unisys, Milton Keynes, UK

Since joining Unisys (formerly Burroughs) in 1966 as a systems analyst Dave has been involved in many areas of IT including Systems Development Manager, Data Centre Manager and IT Manager for the UK operation.

More recently he has specialised in telecommunications and as European Telecommunications Manager for the Global Infrastructure Group is responsible for managing the relationship with the suppliers of network products and services in support of the Unisys global network.

In addition to the Treasury role Dave has the responsibility for the board liaison with Equant.

Dave is married with three children.

Jukka Nikander, Nokia
Jukka Nikander Mr Jukka Nikander
Manager, Nokia Business Infrastructure
Espoo, Finland  


Jukka gained his MSc at the University of Oulu, Finland in 1969 and has worked in research projects in Finland and France until 1971 when he joined IBM. He received IBM Professional Excellence Award in 1972 due to the work done in ATC/AD-project(s). Since 1.11.73 he has worked in different positions within Nokia - now acting as Manager in Nokia Business Infrastructure.

Jukka is married and has two adult daughters. His hobbies are flying, folklore and male choir. His special interest is the impact of globalisation and information technology on organisational architecture.

Guy Wyckmans, Cisco
Mr Guy Wyckmans
IT Europe Vendor Manager
Cisco, Belgium

Guy has an Electronics engineering and Telecoms background, and has worked for Ericsson, AT&T, Lucent and Telecom Italia before joining Cisco in 1997 in the IT area as Europe Vendor Manager.

He lives near Mechelen, north of Brussels, with his wife, Marian and daughters Jil and Meg. His hobbies include wine making and tasting, and cycling.

Hank Rejlek, Anixter

Mr Hank Rejlek
Vice-President, Global Communications Information Services
Anxiter, Glenview, IL, USA

Hank is responsible for the Global WAN, LAN, TELCOM, NOTES, HELPDESK for Anixter 

He has degrees in Psychology, Sociology, Math, and Technical Theater. 

Hank retired from AT&T, before it changed its name, after 30 years of service where he held multiple positions in Operations, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Project Management, LABS, Methods and Procedures and the Private Network Manager for 11 years for the EUA Network. He is also President of EUA, which is now the North American Special Interest Group for EVUA.

Being in and on the water is one of his relaxations along with snow skiing. Golf is something he’s also working on relaxing.  Technology is helping…

Jon Neville, Mars ISI
Jon Neville Mr Jon Neville
Voice Communications Manager, Mars ISI

Jon is responsible for voice communication (both fixed and mobile) for Mars Inc and has been in the IT industry for more than 25 years.

Today Mars is a $14bn business operating in over 100 countries. Perhaps more surprisingly, and unusual for a business of this size, Mars is still privately owned - making it one of the largest 'small family businesses' in the world.

Jon worked for many years in the mainframe systems programming area, both in the UK and US but moved into telecommunications 8 years ago. For the last 4 years he has also managed R&D activities into the global deployment of VoIP and IP Telephony within Mars.

Jon is also an active member of a number of vendor advisory councils.

He is married with three children.

Marcello Damiani, Motorola
Marcello Damiani
EMEA Networks & Telecommunications Manager

Marcello Damiani is the Network & Telecommunication Manager at Motorola in EMEA. Marcello joined Motorola in 1997 as an Engineer. He's a self motivated man, with 10 years of IT & Telecommunication experience in the high-tech and telecommunication industry where he demonstrated excellent leadership. Eternally passionate about everything he does and believes in, he was involved in various Global telecommunications, outsourcing and Networks programs within Motorola.

Marcello has an MSc in Networks and Telecommunications from the University of Toulouse, and is presently based in Toulouse - France.

Marcello is married (to Valerie) and has two children, Luna and Tino and, despite his heavy agenda, still enjoys playing Rugby, as well as attending his kids' various activities.

Jean-Marc Reynaud, Renault-Nissan Information Services

Jean-Marc Reynaud
Network and Telecom Strategy Manager

Jean-Marc Reynaud is the Network and Telecom Strategy manager for the Renault & Nissan Group. In this position, he is in charge of developing new telecom architecture and services. He is responsible for operating all telecom activities where common use between Renault and Nissan and adds value by boosting performance and reducing costs.

Jean-Marc elaborates the master plan on how network technologies and solutions provide an integrated network infrastructure that supports Renault & Nissan business requirements and needs. He is also in charge of telecommunications and networks global cost and budget control.

Prior to that, Jean-Marc was responsible for the management of network change projects, projects planning and roll-out.

Jean-Marc started his career in France-Telecom spending three years on public voice networking.

He has engineering degrees from the Institut National des Telecommunications at Paris.

Non-Board Members

The CEO:

Chief Executive Officer, Ed Vonk, formerly of Shell Services International

Ed Vonk Ed Vonk

Ed graduated from University (The Hague, Haarlem and Amsterdam) with degrees in Radio Communications, Computer Engineering and Business Management. He joined the Civil Aviation Authorities in 1970 where he was made responsible for Instrument Landing systems and navigation aids flight-testing. He left this service in 1980 for a job with the Dutch carrier KPN. After 5 years working for KPN he left for a more exciting job as telecommunications advisor/project leader for the Royal Dutch Shell group. He has worked on various telecommunication projects, amongst others, in Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Gabon, Bangladesh, Nepal, Syria, Columbia and Norway.

Ed was and is still active in various user forums such as the European ISDN User Forum, the Telecommunication Foundation of Africa and the EVUA. He was an EVUA member from 1994 and held the post of Chairman for two years, until leaving Shell, in 2004. Ed is a part time lecture on various telecommunications and IT contracting courses and editorial board member of a telecommunications magazine.

Ed is married with two sons living in the old town of Delft. His active hobbies are cycling to his work or to do fitness training in the evening. If not active, he likes to collect and repair antique clocks.

The Services Directors:
Phil Barton

Phil graduated from Manchester UMIST University with an honours degree in Control Engineering and Management Sciences.  He then qualified as an accountant but having joined BT left that behind for the more exciting field of telecommunications.

Phil has been with ICI/Zeneca since 1976 mainly in telecommunications but also in purchasing and for a time traded in metals both on the LME as well as buying platinum and gold for the company. 

Phil was responsible for ICI's global telecommunications network at the time of the  demerger of Zeneca in 1993 and for two years ran the joint network and led the outsourcing project for both ICI and Zeneca.  This was completed in April 1995.  He is now Group Telecoms Strategy Manager for Zeneca.

During that time Phil also worked with John Sale to form the EVUA and after John's resignation in September 1995 became chairman.  Phil is also currently Deputy Chairman of the TMA (Telecommunications Managers Association) - the leading major user organisation in the UK with 1200 professional managers as members.

Phil is married with three young sons living in rural Cheshire and finds time to run a Cub Scouts soccer team on Saturday mornings.

John Sale

John was co-founder of the EVUA in 1992 and chairman from 1992 to 1995, and was co-founder of EVUA Ventures in 1999. He previously worked for IBM, Xerox, EDS and Fujitsu as both user network manager and marketing support manager. John was also a representative and head of the users division of the American Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, a group which was very influential in the establishment of the EVUA.

John was instrumental in developing many of the services provided to EVUA members, and led the team that established the joint venture with Ovum in 2005. John is now Director of the Ovum JV and heads the Benchmarking and ICT Strategies Special Interest Groups.

John lives in Henley-on-Thames in the UK. He is married to Edwina and has one daughter and one granddaughter. His hobbies include playing squash/tennis/bridge and watching soccer/rugby.

The Board Secretary:
Roy Bailey Roy Bailey

Roy spent 22 years in  the telecommunications branch of the Royal Air Force. He joined a manufacturer of message switching equipment as a systems planner and became Head of Sales and Support. After a spell as Assistant Telecoms Manager at Daiwa Europe and then as Information Manager with the Telecommunications Managers Association he went into consultancy. Among other things he acts as Secretary to the EVUA. Roy is married, with two adult daughters.

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