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The EVUA is a non-profit user organisation aiming to promote global networking solutions for multinational companies.

Continually striving to make the telecommunications market more competitively priced for the business world, the EVUA also gives its members a voice in legislation and the opportunity to gain inside knowledge on the latest developments in
the telecoms world

What is the EVUA?    

Formed in 1992, the EVUA, a non-profit user organisation for large multinational companies, has evolved into an effective organisation which promotes global networking solutions for multinational companies. Continually striving to make the communications market more competitively priced for the business world, the evua also gives its members a voice in legislation and the opportunity to gain inside knowledge on the latest developments in the telecoms world.

Our membership includes companies from Europe, USA and the Far East; The majority of them being Global 500 companies . Our agenda has also evolved. The evua is now a global telecommunications focus group; examining the network service requirements of multinationals and driving the marketplace to deliver these at competitive rates.  To achieve this we address issues as diverse as enterprise network services, managed services, outsourcing, mobility,  IP and conferencing.

Why should I become a member?
Businesses rely on their communications and networking facilities more than almost any other facet of their organisation. It is what enables you to talk to your clients, manage your employees and find and foster new business. It will inevitably, therefore, form a significant part of your organisational structure – spanning countries and continents, and many thousands of employees. Choosing the right system, implementing it successfully and maintaining it effectively is therefore essential. To help you pick your way through the murky waters of communication management, we can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience.


"Using EVUA Services’ RFP and contract negotiations support significantly reduced the project time for the procurement of a new IPVPN service. We also saved 30% on our previous network cost and are continuing to benefit from support in our contract management."
Antonio Lopez, HIT Rail BV (management company for the Pan-European Railway Network)

"EVUA gives me access to 70 other telecoms professionals when I need to check out a strategy, investigate a new service or simply ask a question."
Peter Bell, Air Products plc.

"Since embedding a benchmarking service in our contract and utilising EVUA Services to support our negotiations with suppliers we have saved
1.5 million a year."

Trefor Williams, BAT plc.

"The bargaining power in the hands of the users will at least to some extend counterbalance the market power of the telecommunications operators... An example of this (bargaining power) is the EVUA..."

Former CEC Competition Commissioner, Karel van Miert 

To help you pick your way through the every-day problems of telecommunication management, we can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience.

This includes:

• An opportunity to meet and network with your peers from similar companies and discuss issues of common interest in an informal and secure environment.

Expert advice on international services, including RFPs, SLAs and contracts

Free six-monthly benchmarking and service management reports covering IP, mobile and voice

The opportunity to take part in Special Interest Groups (SIG), where members work together to develop common standards and approaches

A lobby group to ensure that the voice of business is heard on all key issues

A service development forum with suppliers, to build relationships and ensure that service provision is delivered according to corporate needs

A user club which provides a forum to ensure members are kept abreast of developments in their field and can discuss and share ideas by email and teleconferences

Long established relationships with INTUG, Yankee Group, Gartner, Ovum & PBImedia (Tarifica); and a recently established partnership with TMT Legal, a leading corporate telecommunications legal adviser, who works with the EVUA in supplying expert legal advice on contracts. TMT Legal supplied the legal input into the EVUA handbook containing template contract clauses

What does the EVUA aim to do?
It is our aim to endorse the creation of cost-effective global managed services for multinational companies and standardised, customer-focused terms and conditions for these services. We achieve this through close working relationships with suppliers as well as regular management forums and conferences. In this way, we can help to create a twofold approach to reducing companies’ communication costs – bringing down overheads from external suppliers, and making the internal working more cost efficient.


We hold three conferences each year and a number of 1 day workshops on subjects ranging from mobile working to IP, from conferencing to outsourcing and managed services. Attendance at these meetings is restricted to evua members and guests of the evua board. These meetings provide a unique opportunity for representatives from multinational companies to discuss developments in the key issues that face them every day. Special Interest Groups are open to all members and meet on a regular basis to discuss a range of topics. Currently these include conferencing, IP, enterprise network services, mobility, legal and benchmarking services.

EVUA Services: Cost-effective consultancy

In response to the demands of our members for additional project, management and strategy support evua Services was set up in 1997, to provide support services to the evua and its members. Today evua Services acts as a dedicated consultancy company, with the significant advantage that, since we are a non-profit making organisation, all support services are offered to members at cost..

Services include:

• The development of network strategy

• The development of business cases

• Preparation of RFIs and RFPs

• Management of the bid process

• Providing support in supplier selection and subsequent contract negotiations

• Providing support with contract management

  "I often hear members saying that they learn more during EVUA conferences – because of the direct contact with other customers and suppliers – than they would at expensive conferences and workshops. As a result many incorporate EVUA meetings into staff training and development."
Ed Vonk, former EVUA Chairman and former Principal Telecommunications Consultant for Shell IT International.

"We [Accenture] have benefited greatly from the networking opportunities with other MNCs and suppliers provided via our EVUA membership. We have also been able to achieve substantial costs savings in the provisioning of our network (telecommunications) infrastructure by leveraging knowledge obtained via benchmarking and other organized activities within the EVUA and the Special Interest Groups (SIGs)." Meredith Rose, Accenture; EVUA  Chairman


Membership of the EVUA, which is under GBP 2,000 p.a., is via a nominated representative for each company. This enables the member and company colleagues to access EVUA’s knowledge base and attend all events. Members and their company colleagues will only incur the relevant hotel costs (room + share cost of conference facilities) when attending events.

To join, or for more information please contact Roy Bailey at:

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