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14 September 2006, London
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ICT Strategies 2007
27 Feb - 1 March 2006, Rome



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IP Convergence and Next Generation Networks
17 - 19 October, Madrid



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Welcome to the EVUA... "The bargaining power in the hands of the users will, at least to some extent, counterbalance the market power of the telecommunications operators... An example of this (bargaining power) is the EVUA..." Former CEC Competition Commissioner, Karel van Miert 

EVUA is a Global Telecom user group for end users, which collectively looks at the IT infrastructure service requirements of multinational businesses, today and in the near future, and drives the marketplace to deliver these at competitive rates. It also addresses issues surrounding Convergence, Mobility, Call Centres, IP and Conferencing.

Personal networking between Peers in the Industry is the most important Value–Add of the EVUA. Totally managed and organized by end-users, the EVUA has emerged as one of the most open discussion platforms in the Telecom industry. It is also the meeting place for Regulators, Telecom operators, equipment and service providers, integrators, industry analysts and end-user representatives, to discuss the challenges faced by both suppliers and users. Membership includes companies from all over Europe, North America and AsiaPacific... they include...  

Press release *** The recent cuts in mobile roaming charges by the operators are too little, too late *** Press release by EVUA. Click for full copy (pdf)...

EC Commissioner Viviane Reding addresses EVUA Conference.. click for pdf version of speech

EVUA's gateway to the world of ICT regulation


The Ovum-EVUA partnership builds on the work done by the EVUA for its members over the years and that done by Ovum in analysing developments in supply and demand for IT and communications. Our objective is help grow the EVUA into a truly global forum for the ICT industry.

Ovum provides services to the EVUA members, including: the members' survey, benchmarking, contributions to conferences and support with special interest groups & workshops. A few of the services conducted for EVUA members are listed below:

Members surveys:



Special Interest Groups:

Consulting: We are able to provide tailored advice to EVUA members via our Enterprise team work, consulting activities and engagements.
















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